Dementia is a heartbreaking illness that affects millions of individuals around the world. But unfortunately, there are still numerous misunderstandings regarding this condition and how it drastically affects those who suffer from it. To bring awareness to dementia, here are five facts you may not have known about this grave affliction – ranging from its causes to impacts on mental health – so we can better empathize with and support those battling against it daily.

1. Dementia is not just a single illness, but instead a group of diverse conditions that have similar traits. These include vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and other varieties – all of which can be caused by an assortment of diseases or disorders.

2. Memory loss is not the only symptom of dementia; this condition also affects other mental capabilities like logical thinking and problem-solving. Even if a person’s memory remains unaffected, they may still experience the effects of dementia.

3. It is frequently disregarded, but depression affects approximately 40% of people with dementia. To ensure the person in question gets the proper care they require, it’s crucial to be mindful of signs and symptoms related to this condition.

4. Exercise is an indispensable part of controlling dementia. Regular physical activity can augment mental capacity, and in some circumstances may even help to postpone its progression.

5. Even though dementia is a progressive condition that can lead to death, it’s important to remember that those living with this disorder are still capable of leading productive and meaningful lives. By providing them with appropriate care and support, they can engage in activities like socializing and developing new hobbies. With love and attention from loved ones, these individuals will be able to thrive despite their diagnosis.

Dementia is a devastating condition that affects millions of people around the world.

How Avanti Senior Living at Lafayette Helps Residents with Dementia

By understanding more about dementia, we can better provide care for those living with it. This is where Avanti Senior Living at Lafayette comes in. Our team of dedicated caregivers is expertly trained to provide unparalleled care to residents living with dementia. We’re committed to developing an atmosphere that nurtures graceful aging and believes all individuals should receive empathy-filled support. For those dealing with dementia, our staff strives tirelessly for them to continue engaging in beloved hobbies!

If you require additional information or support, please reach out to Avanti Senior Living at Lafayette and/or your local Alzheimer’s Association. By uniting together, we can bring forth meaningful change in the lives of individuals struggling with dementia.